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Power League 2nd Session Results

Follow the links to see the Power League results.

U18 Power League Standings 
U16 Power League Standings
U15 Power League Standings 
U14 Power League Standings
U12 Power League Standings

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KJ 16s win the 2015 MLK Tournament

Congratulations to our 16s team for their championship win at the 2015 MLK.



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KJ 18s win MLK 18 Division

Congratulations to our 18s team for their Championship win at the 2015 MLK.


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Power League 1st Week Results

The first weekend of Power League is in the books.  Congratulations to the teams that got their season started right. 

U18 Power League Seeding Day Final Standings
U16 Power League Seeding Day Final Standings

For Those of You Starting Your Season This Weekend, Here is What You Need to Know:

The Power League Page of PSRVB.org is located here:

This page has what you need to know about the competition including:
1.  Schedules
2.  Locations
3.  Results and Standings 

The Full Schedules for the U14 and U15 Power League will be posted by Friday January 9. 

For Directions and Facility Rules, Check out the facilities Page of PSRVB.org

As more facilities come online, having good relations with neighbors, both business and private, will help the sport grow. Please respect the neighborhoods that our facilities share. 

The following gyms do have some parking limitations and car pooling will ease the stress on the facility as well as on the neighborhood.

Excel Sports Academy

Five12 Courts

Sunrise Courts

If it is possible for you to carpool to your event, you will be helping the facility directors stay in the good graces of their neighbors. 

Based on feedback from parents, coaches and club directors, the format for the seeding days has been abbreviated.
The first round will be 2 out of 3 game matches, with all games to 15. All matches following the first round will be 1 game to 25. The true effect on league standings won't be known until we do a data analysis at the end of the season. However, we will not have teams completing their seeding day play late into the night.

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