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Leather Trench Coat – Appear awesome and Stay Warm this fall

If you wish to be protected in all leather this fall season then look further than leather trench coats. This is one outfit which carries on to stay in news producing good and bad reviews, some say that the matrix era is over and trench coats make you look more like a shooter from a mafia gang rather than creating a fashion declaration, but the truth is this is one and single piece of clothing which has stayed in fashion for many years. It is considered one of the most versatile accessories that can e wore to office protecting your formals from obtaining dirty in case you use the public transportation for your daily travel.
This is one piece of outfits which distinguishes boys from men offering the men an edge over boys to score more than the boys can ever do in their hooded sweatshirts. During previously days the leather trench coats used heavy natural leather-like cowhide to make it look more rugged giving the wearer a raw appeal. it is a perfect shield to protect you from cold winds and rain. These days the latest designs include double-breasted leather trench coats making the wearer look trendier and providing insulation as compared to the high neck buttoned collars and the belt patterns of the past.
The color of the trench coat is important when choosing a trench coat black is the color that will hit your mind first but there are various shades of brown that will make you more attractive. The sales of these leather overcoats have skyrocketed after their stint in the films as they were dressed in by celebrities. Trench coats have been popular since World War they get their name from the war area which mentions their usage in trenches. These trench coats were only accessible to officers and their superiors as they were available in few numbers.
During the Second World War, these trench coats were seen in variety worn by officers and their superiors. The leather trench coats have been getting maximum attention and they turned the most desired after fashion items all over the world.


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Buy Bimatoprost Online For Eyelashes Growth

The eyes, they are very valuable to us. They are medium through which we can see & understand the globe around us. It helps us to see all the good and bad things around us and feeds the data to our brain about the essentials that should be embraced or should be avoided. They work like cameras that functions like the recorder most importantly provides a window to the globe. Plus, they are also very delicate & valuable organs of the body.  Since they are the most valuable and delicate organs of the body we must take special care of them.


But unfortunately, the eyes are susceptible to certain kinds of problem or ailments.  And when they happen, it really causes a lot of problem for us. If the ailment reaches a serious stage, then it can really be very difficult for us. The eyes have to deal with difficulties like glaucoma or falling eyelashes. Glaucoma is an eye problem which can cause harm to the optic nerve of your eyes. It is mainly linked with the buildup of


stress inside the eye called intraocular stress that can harm the optic nerve which is responsible for transmitting images to the brain. The 2nd problem that occurs is falling of eyelashes which not only makes the eye pretty but also gives the eyes a defensive cover. As the eyelashes fall off, that cover is blown and the eyes do not look pretty too. These problems can really bother a people if he or she gets any of the above eye problems. In order to arrest these problems and treat them, Bimatoprost is the most trustworthy medicine.


This ophthalmic solution takes care of these eye ailments in the most successful method.  In regards to glaucoma, the accurate use of Bimatoprost helps in maintaining the ocular pressure by improving the outflow of liquid in the eye. In this way, both the stress & the pain of the eye decreases & the patient get some amount of relief. Similarly, if you are having trouble over falling of eyelashes then application of this ophthalmic solution can definitely help you a lot. It will help to make the eyelashes grow faster & thicker.


But before you opt for the medicine of Bimatoprost, you should follow certain careful steps, mainly related to your retinal health & previous medical history of yours. Talk to a physician if necessary and discuss the pros and cons of the medication with him. Also while using this medication, follow all the advice given for using the medication. This ophthalmic solution is available online and that too at a very reasonably priced. Hence if the things suit you then surely Buy Bimatoprost Online is the best medication for treating ailments like glaucoma & receding eyelashes.


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Defeat the Warm With Leather This Summer season

Leather requirements assurance and approach which the wearer has to possess or else fabric may make the user look lousy. Leather dresses and skirts have been the preferred among leather fanatic this summer season.
Here is excellent news for all the die-hard leather fans. The leather clothing for summer is much slimmer and colorful so that the wearer can choose from the vast selection available.
Let us take a look at some of the popular leather selection this summer
The best part about summer leather clothing is that it can be easily transformed into the fall wardrobe.
The latest summer leather designs and styles include leather tops for women and leather shirts for men which are not too large like a leather bomber jacket or a blazer. The leather shirts are available in many designs and patterns to complement your perfect summer clothing collection. There is also an exquisite collection of leather tops which are available in a sleeveless design to suit the summer outfit.
Practically nothing beats the fashion of leather shorts. here you will get wide variety of leather outfits such as a men leather jackets, men leather blazers, men leather coats, leather trench coats, biker leather jackets, motorcycle leather jackets, military leather jackets, distressed leather jackets, cropped leather jackets, studded leather jackets, camouflage leather jackets, animal print leather jackets, celebrity leather jackets, movie leather jackets, suede leather jackets, suede leather coats.

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Health benefits of running Exercise

Running is the one of the most amazing exercise for the human being. Today lots of people running behind several things, normal man running to catch the bus, train. Athletic player’s running for the victory. In cricket Batsman is running for the runs. Football player is running for settling the ball into the opposite team goal net.  So each and every one having an aim for running. But there are several health benefits to our whole body while doing the regular running exercise in our daily life.

Health benefits of Running Exercise:

Good for Heart Health

Heart health is the most important one, because it functions without taking any rest. But many people are suffering with heart health issues due to poor blood circulation. Unhealthy food diets encourage the bad cholesterol and make the blockage in the blood vessels. Regular doing running exercise supports to reduce the formations of bad cholesterol and increase the blood flow into the whole body.

Eliminate ED problem

Several men are suffering with the ED (Erectile Dysfunction) problem over the age of 40. This problem is rising due to poor blood circulation. Few of them are using generic Viagra pills to overcome this health issue problem. But regular doing of running exercise is helps to eliminate the ED problem, because it boosts the blood circulation, stamina and stimulate the man’s mindset into more fresh. So men can enjoy the relationship hours with more joy.

Improve Digestion

Many people are suffering with digestion problems, due to consuming the heavy amount of foods and also following the junk foods in their daily life. It will reduce the digestion process and also make some bad effects. But regular doing running exercise helps to improve the digestion process and avoids the formation of unwanted health issues effects.

Gives Good Sleep

Normally a person must sleep 7 hours in a day. But many people are not able to sleep more hours due to their body conditions. Running exercise supports to the person, sleeping more hours in the night time.

Boost Immune System

Running is supported to boost the immune system in the body. There are few disease affects the body very easily due to poor levels of immune system. But if the immune system level is high, then a person can easily overcome the health problems like allergies, cold, cough, flu, etc…

Defeat Depression

Lots of people are now days gone through minor and major level depression. Few people escape from this problem, by spending time with friends or visiting new places. But regularly doing running exercise helps to stops increasing of the depression level.

Strengthen the bones

Bone is the stronger one and helps to do several actions in our daily life. But few people are suffering with bone related health issues like osteoporosis and arthritis. Running exercise supports to reduce the risk of the osteoporosis and arthritis health issues. It is also strengthening your muscles and bones. It is also increasing the bone density in the parts of the hips and legs.

Prevent from Diseases

Running exercise helps to reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. It can also protect a person from the stroke disease. It will reduce the formation of the cancer disease.  Mainly it helps to avoid the high blood pressure in the body. It supports to maintain the blood flow into a more smooth and avoid the interruptions.

Brain Booster

Brain needs oxygen and good nutrition’s for performing well. If the brain not getting enough amounts of oxygen and nutrition’s then it will get tied to performance. Running exercise helps to supply more oxygen level in the brain, and also boosting the brain function. It will also keep the brain into more fresh and active. This running exercise is also supports to the men for performing more hours in the relationship with their partner, and it eliminates the ejaculation problem; men are using super p force pills to skip this problem. But regular running supports to overcome this problem.

Weight Loss

Several people are feeling very hard to achieve their body weight loss. Some of them are following to control their regular food diet system. Still, they are not achieving their goal. But, they can achieve their goal; because running is best for weight loss.  Regularly doing the running exercise is the amazing option to reducing the body weight.


So don’t feel very hard to running daily 30 minutes. If you run 30 minutes daily, then you will see a wonderful change in your body and also you will get an amazing health benefits.

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KJ players and community service

KJ players and community service
KJ players from a few different teams and family members donated their time on Sunday afternoon to wrap presents for the Community Gift giving Santa Run in Fife.  They wrapped over 1600 gifts in three hours!  They were amazing!  Thank you ladies, parents, and siblings!  WAY to REPRESENT!

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Power League 2nd Session Results

Follow the links to see the Power League results.

U18 Power League Standings 
U16 Power League Standings
U15 Power League Standings 
U14 Power League Standings
U12 Power League Standings

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KJ 16s win the 2015 MLK Tournament

Congratulations to our 16s team for their championship win at the 2015 MLK.



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KJ 18s win MLK 18 Division

Congratulations to our 18s team for their Championship win at the 2015 MLK.


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Power League 1st Week Results

The first weekend of Power League is in the books.  Congratulations to the teams that got their season started right. 

U18 Power League Seeding Day Final Standings
U16 Power League Seeding Day Final Standings

For Those of You Starting Your Season This Weekend, Here is What You Need to Know:

The Power League Page of PSRVB.org is located here:

This page has what you need to know about the competition including:
1.  Schedules
2.  Locations
3.  Results and Standings 

The Full Schedules for the U14 and U15 Power League will be posted by Friday January 9. 

For Directions and Facility Rules, Check out the facilities Page of PSRVB.org

As more facilities come online, having good relations with neighbors, both business and private, will help the sport grow. Please respect the neighborhoods that our facilities share. 

The following gyms do have some parking limitations and car pooling will ease the stress on the facility as well as on the neighborhood.

Excel Sports Academy

Five12 Courts

Sunrise Courts

If it is possible for you to carpool to your event, you will be helping the facility directors stay in the good graces of their neighbors. 

Based on feedback from parents, coaches and club directors, the format for the seeding days has been abbreviated.
The first round will be 2 out of 3 game matches, with all games to 15. All matches following the first round will be 1 game to 25. The true effect on league standings won't be known until we do a data analysis at the end of the season. However, we will not have teams completing their seeding day play late into the night.

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Player Profiles

All players (U14 and above) are encouraged to register and complete your recruiting profiles.  The profile is a great way to communicate with other players, club coaches and college coaches.  Once you've created your profile you'll be able to add information on your volleyball accomplishments, academics and schedule.  If you're into pictures and video there is a place for you to link your media.  Send your profile link to get keep college coaches aware of your accomplishments.

Click here to preview a complete KJ recruiting profile.

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NCAA Freshman Eligibility Standards

Check out this overview for incoming freshman planning to play sports at an NCAA institution.

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Pac-12 institutes Sweeping Changes for Student Athletes

The world just got better for student athletes in the Pac-12.  Similar changes are taking place in other NCAA conferences.  The changes are a major and you should be aware of what they mean.

Take a look at the changes by Clicking Here.

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Power League Updates, 2014/15

Check out the final 2014 standings and the 2015 schedule by Clicking Here.

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KJ 18s Win Open Gold at 2014 ECC

Congratulations to the Kent Juniors 18s team for their Open Gold Championship at the 2014 Emerald City Classic.  The team managed to complete the 3 day tournament with just 1 set loss which came in the championship match against a very good Oregon NW Air Elite team.  Lanesha Reagan and Courtney Schwan were named to the All Tournament Team and Courtney was also awarded the tournament MVP.


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USA Junior Girls Nationals Lists

Congratulations to our National Qualifiers:

Open Division:

18's Open: KJ 18's Baden / See Full List of Teams

17's Open: PSVBA 17 Bri / See Full List of Teams

16's Open: Excel NW 16-1 Team Rox / See Full List of Teams

14's Open: PSVBA 14 Jess / See Full List of Teams

National Division: See Full List

12's: Club Gold 12-1 Blue / PSVBA 12 Todd

13's: Club Gold 13-1 Blue / SSVBC U13 Black

14's: Lake Tapps 14 Orange Rox / MVA 14 National

15's: KJ 15 Baden / Shockwave 15

16's: Lake Tapps 16 Orange Rox / VIP 16 C / Webfoot Gold 16-1

17's: KJ 17 Baden / Snake River 17-1

18's: Columbia Jrs 18 Black / Seattle Jrs 18 / Webfoot Gold 18-1

USA Division: See Full List

16's: PSVBA 16 Rod / SIVBC 16 Thunder

American Division: See Full List

12's: NI Thunder 12 Gold 

13s MAC Jrs 13 Black

14's: MAC Jrs 14-1 Black

16's: BOSS 16-1

Patriot Division:  See Full List


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Puget Sound Region Bid Tournament Schedule

The Puget Sound Region of USA Volleyball has released the Bid Tournament Pools and Locations for all age divisions.  

Click Here for the Bid Tournament Fields and Locations

Good luck to all of the teams competing for the honor of representing the Puget Sound Region at the 2014 USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championship Tournament.

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